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Gwen Taylor Designs Cups, Mugs & More

Due to Covid 19, I have had become diversified on what I offer. I started doing Cups and Mugs for area businesses and for The Dusty Pallet my husband's business to promote and advertise their services. I found that we would have to order 36, 72 or 122 of an item and being a small business this hurt our businesses to have that much inventory. Then when Covid, I knew it was impossible to keep inventory that large. So I did what every entrepreneur does, decided to do it myself. I had the equipment and reached out to their businesses and here I am doing what I love, design, photography and helping other business promote themselves as well.

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T shirts

Retail $19.99

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Retail $11.99

Polar Camel Hot/Cold Tumbler

Retail $21.99

Polar Camel Hot Cold Coffee Mug

Retail $18.99

Polar Camel Hot Cold Stemless Wine

Retail $16.99

Frosted Beer Stein

Retail $ 16.99

Aluminum Water Bottle

Retail $ 14.99

Polar Camel Hot/ Cold Pfisher

Retail $ 18.99

Retail $26.99

Call for more details. We ship anywhere.

I custom design for your store, home or office.

Wholesale and retail.

For wholesale no minimum amount, just supply me with your resale tax ID number.

All retail must pay NC sales tax.

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